How Images Enhance a Blog or Website

Written by on December 27, 2006 under Software

Website Graphics

Ordinarily, most of us would see sites that may contain images and some purely of content. Of the two, chances are, people would pay more attention to the ones with the one with more images and photos, since they are readily attractive to the naked eye.

The occurrence is only normal. Anything appealing to the eyes of anyone will always gain the immediate attention and the content next. This is why most people would rather see first how a person would be able to express himself through graphical utilization before proceeding to browsing at what he has to say and share as far as information is concerned.

Graphics are normal enticers to most people since they provide a natural setting to make the mood of a person as convenient as possible. While some could care less for graphics and images, it is a fact that they spice up a site and the entries therewith with such eyesores most of the time.

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Using Widgets for Easier Visitor Site Interface

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The rise in the use of widgets in most sites, particularly blog sites, has been evident and more convenient for people. Technically, people are not so adept with regards to the various ways of interfacing with the websites today. Widgets offer a more lenient and convenient way for people to navigate through the site and get needed information for their personal use and reference.

Widgets also offer an advanced way of enhancing graphical presentations that attract more people to visit sites. In the same way, this also offers them a chance to secure ideas and see what designs and methods of programming that they can pick up for their own websites as well. In most cases, avid visitors get unique ideas and methods from existing sites, improving their own sites as well for the better.

With the influx of the technology of widgets, programmers are given another side of projecting and providing schematically designed websites for improvement and enhancement. It will only be a matter of time where widgets will become the next boom in the graphical presentation and web interface, something that technology offers to most programmers and graphics illustrators of today.

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Attracting Traffic through Blog Themes

Written by on December 21, 2006 under Software


The race is on for the best designed blogs to complement the content that most people would compose. Widgets assist in making all of these things possible. Blogs are a cross between actual websites and that of content writing to draw the needed queries from leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo. The more artistic a Blog site is the better chances that curious surfers will browse through the sites.

Usually, the human eye would be the instigator of stirring interest for the normal person. Catching the attention of the visitors will be the key towards building a consistent visitor database for their site. While content is the business for most bloggers to ensure returning information seekers, presentation and eye-catching design will still be the forefront of it all. Default Blog themes as offered by blogsites of today using WordPress, will allow most bloggers to start simple. This is where widgets would fall in since they are now known as the value added enhancers to ensure a lively and interesting Blog site for people who want to express themselves today.

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For Blogrolls, Design and Layout is Everything

Written by on December 19, 2006 under News


Blog sites are more than just diaries and online content sites. They also need a touch of design and layout to capture the attention of visitors at a glance. While it is true that most people would want to gather the needed information and references that are essential to their need for reports and studies, but nothing captures the attention other than how a blog is presented. The manner of design and layout speaks immediately on how the blog administrator takes pride in his work in most cases.

Such has been the enhancements and plug-ins that widgets have offered to most blog site administrators today. Theme and color schemes play a pivotal role in inviting the people to check out the blog entries in most blog sites today. The chosen layout theme are the front desk of most of these sites and impressive presentations along with the interesting topics are main ingredients for a successful and a continually patronized blog roll today.

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Get Those WP Widgets!

Written by on December 17, 2006 under Games, Software

Here’s something for WordPress afficionadoes (I’m one): WordPress Widgets. It’s one of those plugins that will hopefully make life easier, in terms of designing and tweaking your blog (or website that uses WP as content management system).

WP Widgets basically allows users to rearrange sidebar elements and content without having to manually change any code on the sidebar theme file itself—it usually just involves dragging and dropping items using the interface provided in your WordPress dashboard. What’s great is that Automattic (creator of WP) provides an API that developers can use to code third-party widgets. A handful of widget-ready themes are also available for download.

So next time you feel like changing your theme or upgrading your WP installation, you won’t have a difficult time coding and re-coding the modifications, unlike with heavily-modded installations where you’d have to turn everything upside down whenever you make such changes.

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A widget for WordPress Pages: Subpages widget

Written by on December 15, 2006 under Uncategorized

screencap: Subpages
Subpages at work :)

Have you been creating a lot of static pages on your blog? Maybe you have been somewhat using your blog more as a content management system or something. If you are, then you know that it’s really important to show subpages on your blog and make sure that the information would be accessible.

All about Subpages

If you would like your list of subpages to appear on your sidebar, especially when your blog visitor is on a parent page, you could use this widget. What happens is that every child page will be listed down. This is really handy when it comes to navigating through the pages. No wonder! It is called Subpages, after all.

You could probably do some funky things with WordPress template tags but if you are not familiar with them, this is the plugin for you. If you have been writing a novel for online consumption, or maybe even a guide for travelers, you could help your readers move from one chapter to the subchapters. Another nice thing about this is that Diwaker Gupta has added an option that shows the siblings of the static page you are currently viewing.

Managing pages could sure be a hassle. However, if your blog is some kind of resource especially if you are using it as you teach, it could be the niftiest plugin ever!

About Diwaker Gupta

He is an open source evangelist who seems to be very open about his thoughts on the matter. He is apparently actively writing widgets and the WordPress-Dokuwiki plugin, a mark-up plugin.

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Technorati Link Count Widget

Written by on December 13, 2006 under Software


Technorati has established itself as the blogosphere’s premier search and tracking engine. Technorati is to blogs what Google is to the world wide web. What’s even better is that you can use Technorati not just to search blogs, but also to track rankings, in terms of inbound links and other “user-determined” means (such as voting, inclusion in favorites, and tagging).

Here’s a useful widget that lets you display your Technorati links real-time.

Imagine if you could display the number of links to each of your posts in real-time ? updated live for all your visitors. That’s what you get with the Technorati Link Count Widget. It’s a simple piece of code that lets you make your site or blog more dynamic.

The widget works with several blogging platforms, namely WordPress, MovableType, Typepad and Blogger. Actually, it’s not really a “widget” per se, in that it’s not a downloadable script you can install and activate on your blog control panel. It’s a script that you have to paste on your layout, or if you’re using WordPress (or any other blog platform with widgets), you can paste this on a text widget that can be used to execute code.

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WordPress Widget for Ads: Ad Rotator

Written by on December 11, 2006 under Software

Ad Rotator thumbnail, click to have a better view
Click the image for a better view.

Thinking of having different sorts of texts rotating on your sidebar? It’s not that difficult. Whether it’s a bunch of Amazon ads or whatever, you could use the Ad Rotator Widget for your blog.

Main feature:
To show only one ad, chunk of text, or whatever at a time. Hence the name.

Installing it:
Download it from the plugin creator’s site. Unpack it and place it in your widgets directory. After you put the ad rotator file in the widgets directory, activate it on your Plugins admin page.

Using it:
You have an editing section where you could put the Amazon codes and what-not. Separate them with the more tag which is That’s basically it.

Something about the creator of the plugin:
Dmytro P. Shteflyuk is a developer with around 4 years of experience in PHP. He also has experiences in programming in other languages like C# and ASP. He wrote the plugin because at the time, he hasn’t found anything like it yet.

You could play around with the different ads that you have. This way, your sidebar won’t be too cluttered with ads. Also, this way, you could advertise whatever it is you want. It could be events and all that. It might come across as having to have HTML skills but most of the time you could just copy and paste certain codes for ads. If you’re still relatively new to blogging, don’t fret. You’ll be fine!

For budding entrepreneurs who have their own stuff to show on their blogs, I think this would be quite nice to have. Aside from that, if you are one who would like to check out how to earn putting up Amazon ads of books you like, this is certainly a boon.

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What’s the buzz on widgets?

Written by on December 9, 2006 under Software

sample widget
a sample widget

WordPress is one of the favorite blogging software out there and with version 2.0 of WordPress, people have been giddy over putting widgets on their WP-powered blogs.

Widgets are what some people call ‘bling’ for blogs

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If you want to add things that you could easily move around on your blog’s sidebar, widgets would be the thing for you. Widgets could be anything: something to tell the weather, something to show what you have been listening to, your flickr badge—maybe you could say that your imagination would be the only thing to limit your widgets. Even if you are new to blogging, you could add widgets to your blog and who knows? It might look like a pro has done it ;)

As the first post here mentions you need themes that are ready for widgets. For that, you’d have to check out the list of WP themes that are ready for widgets. In any case, there are instructions on how to make themes widget-ready.

Widgets might look plain or they might be really cute and colorful, like desktop widgets you could see on Mac OSX, etc. If you want your blog to show more of your personality and style, why not try them out?

There are a great number of entries about widgets and WordPress. You could check out these posts on Technorati. Happy widget-izing! :)

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Color Your Blog With The Soleil Theme!

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Nothing can be as refreshing to the eyes as a vibrant-colored blog using the Soleil theme from Avi Alkalay. This was based off a theme of the same name that Carrie Petri made for other blogging platforms like Movable Type and Typepad. Despite the sunny color scheme reminiscent of summer and candy, the colors are easy to the eyes.

Colorful and clean, the Soleil layout comes with its widgetized sidebar set to the right. The icons and design were created with much care to lend an intuitive interface for commenting, feeds, and trackbacks. The nice thing about it is its clean layout; all entries and comments are clearly separated by white space and the color scheme extends to the text and hyperlinks. It can adjust to fit any screen resolution, and even better, it’s guaranteed to work on Firefox 2, IE 6, and Konqueror. Avi has also set a few predefined style classes in the stylesheet! And if you feel like tweaking the images to make it more your own, the vector files are included in the zip.

To use, download it from Avi Alkalay’s post here. Like with every other themes, unzip to a folder bearing the same name in the themes folder and then select it on the Presentation tab. After customizing the widgets set the way you want it, load it to see the vivid new layout for your blog!

Another great thing about the layout is it ability to localize to the language set for a visitor’s browser. You can do it by following the step-by-step instruction dealing with the code of the language to edit it for the items like your blog’s description, category names, and even your post titles to a small degree. So use Soleil today, and remember the brighter days to ward off the chilly season.

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